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1.21 Gigawatts

What if Ranma, as a child, met an opponent he couldn't possibly defeat? (Comedy) Ranma ½ and Oh! My Goddess crossover.

A Path. A Price. A Prize.


Child Detective Ranma







Who is Ranma Saotome, if you slowly take away all the things that define him? (Angst) Ranma ½.

Mai Harem

Just how much of a difference will a small change in Mai's past make?
(Comedy) Mai HiME.

Masters of Jurai


No Need for Wishes!


Not Needed


One Lucky Strike

When Shampoo is defeated, she is forced to resort to the most fearsome of Amazon techniques... one so dangerous she might herself fall prey to it before long. (Action/Adventure) Ranma ½.

Revenge of the Stalkers

In the anime world of Ranma 1/2, there exist four stalkers. These are their stories.... (Silly) Ranma ½.


Two fighters ready themselves to settle an old score. (Comedy) Ranma ½ / Tenjo Tenge crossover.

The Day the Dogs Lost

Lime WarningTwo of Nerima's resident martial artists take their training to a whole new level.... (Silly) Ranma ½. -Lime Warning-

The Island of Promises

Karen's side, as she waits for Wataru's return to the Promised Island and his sisters. Sequel/companion story to Thirteen Shades of Love. (Introspection/Angst) Sister Princess.

Thirteen Shades of Love

The more time Wataru spends away from the Promised Island, the more it seems like a faraway dream that evades him. Will he renege on his promise to his sisters, or are some things simply meant to be? (Introspection/Angst) Sister Princess.

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