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A Sister Princess fan fiction story
by Corwin

Disclaimer: Sister Princess belongs to Media Works and ADV Films.

It's been two weeks, and he hasn't returned yet.

I know two weeks had passed, for there are fourteen sealed letters lying on the desk in front of me. Fourteen letters, which I've written daily, but never worked up the nerve to send. Actually, now that I think about it, this went beyond simple nerve. At first, it seemed silly. Big Brother had promised that he would return, and Big Brother always keeps his promises. So there I would be, bothering him in the sparse time he has to put his affairs in Tokyo in order. I would, in fact, be keeping him away from the Promised Island, for time spent on reading the letter and preparing a reply would be better served elsewhere.

Even handling emails had taken a lot of his time, as we could see in retrospect, after Rinrin-chan made those computers for all of us. Normal mail — snail mail, she called it — would take the same amount of time and effort, only without the instant satisfaction of seeing Big Brother's reply to you and only you within mere moments of the time it was written.

Had it been just me, I might have taken the chance, all for a reply from him to calm myself until his return… but what about Aria-chan? What about Hinako-chan? How would I be able to look them in the eyes, when I'm keeping my Big Brother — and their Big Brother — away, and for selfish needs? The selfish needs to have some kind of connection to him,

And then the days turned into weeks, and… and then the days turned into weeks.

I actually don't remember when I started measuring the time Big Brother was away in weeks, instead of days. Upon realizing that, I felt very sad; sad that I could make such a mistake about something relating to Big Brother. He is everything I ever wanted, after all… his mere presence is enough for me to live instead of just exist… and here I was, forgetting such an important detail!

And then, it hit me. Big Brother hadn't returned for over a week. This sudden insight was just that — sudden. Nothing had prepared me for it, and now, in retrospect, I doubt anything could have.

And I knew true sadness.

I keep on writing. I write daily, and say what needs to be said between us. What I want him to know. I never stamp my letters… never mail them. It doesn't matter, for we have a bond, Big Brother and I. At this point, all I have is faith, but that is enough. For faith in the connection Big Brother and I have makes it every bit real for me… almost enough to feel him right beside me when I close my eyes and try to relax.

I wish I had understood that before. People say that pain lessens with time… that time heals all wounds…. I view it slightly differently. Time merely gives you a chance to understand. To understand everything… to understand yourself.

I think there are others who begin to understand. Shirayuki-chan has stopped making the same thing for dinner, and served us soup yesterday. It was a bit bland for her cooking, but I was too glad for her to care. Rinrin-chan left her lab today. I didn't get a chance to do more than exchange simple greetings with her before she grabbed some snacks and ducked inside her room again, but it was a start. And when I saw Chikage-chan at breakfast today….

Now that I think about it, Chikage-chan was probably the first to understand, as she had always been the most spiritual of us. I wouldn't be surprised if her tarot cards had in fact shown her all that was going to happen. She must feel so secure… so at peace….

I envy her.

It's the third week.

The letters lie on my desk in four neat stacks. I sometimes organize them differently… we've been taught a hexadecimal method of counting at school, and it… it passes the time. Now, though, the letters are back in their traditional order.

Four weeks. Four weeks without Big Brother. The sun will set soon, and another day will pass. Another week. A month.

I saw Sakuya-chan just five minutes ago, when we bumped into each other at the top of the stairway. She was carrying a travelling bag, and her eyes shown with determination. Or did they? Determination and despair are easy to confuse.

I know from personal experience, as does the small mirror on my desk.

He will return, won't he? Won't he? Won't he? Can he?

That was a scary thought. What if Big Brother is hurt?! My mind goes into a haze, and when I catch myself, I stand at the docks, a small handbag with all my money and a single change of clothes resting on my right shoulder. The letters are also there, safely tucked into a side pouch.

I stop, and walk slowly to the edge of the pier, sitting myself there with my legs dangling above the water. This is where I first met him… again. And he will come back… again. He must! He did it before, and would do it again.

I'm reminded of my earlier panic, and finally having the presence of mind to analyze it, am not sure which I would prefer. Big Brother hurt, or Big Brother who aband—

No, I firmly tell myself. Though I worry — and how could I not to, separated from Big Brother?! — I still have faith in him. And, like Yotsuba-chan says, while there is only one truth, there is always more than one way to do things. Chikage-chan also said the same thing once… her eyes were sad, now that I think about it. Very sad. She spoke of people, who feel so trapped… who feel as if the world is closing in on them; choking them… as if there is no way out…. She spoke of those people, and said that there is always another path. Always another way of looking at things. And from there, a whole new viewpoint appears, with a brand new outlook on life!

She was right. I can feel it… Chikage-chan was right!

And Big Brother will come. Something happened, and he was detained, but he would come for sure! He promised us, and he will keep his word!

I know I should go back home and wait for him, but this place… the place where we met again, for the first time….

What to do, what to do….

I turn around in indecision, and begin to walk up the wharf, heading for the island proper. A seagull cries and, at that moment, my heart jumps for some reason. I turn back and… and….

Tears start flowing down my cheeks, as more of them gather around my eyes, obscuring my vision. I can only see a silhouette now, but… but….

He…. I….

I'm suddenly aware of the other girls' presence. They are all here, just like I am. They are all crying.

They are crying, because he came back!

My handbag drops onto the wooden dock, but I pay it no heed, and keep on crying. I smile as I cry, and I just know the others all mirror my reaction. It's… just something only a sister missing her big brother would know.

He's on the Island, and all's right with the world!

As I leap into his arms, my tears leaving a crystalline trail that sparkles in the evening's sun behind me, a single word escapes my mouth joyfully.



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